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Cows on the horizon


A little musical commentary on current protest actions, which unfortunately get out of hand.

It is understandable that you see yourself and your environment first, but that is not effective. Even take a look at the horizon, look at life in the distance and see what else is going on in the problem area.





The Friendly Shadows Of The Night


The darkness of the night is often full of fears and worries. But there are also friendly shadows 

in the puzzle of the semi-darkness that show us joy, lightness and joie de vivre.

We just often don't look.

So this guitar piece is a tribute to our primal fears in the night

and their overcomming through the friendly look of our inner eye.




Baltic Acoustic Trio In Concert


Just making good, relaxed music, spending a nice evening with a grateful audience, encouraging them to sing along, improvising with Crischen and Uwe and sharing our fun and joie de vivre -

that's our new trio:

BAT, the "Baltic Acoustic Trio".

Simplemente haciendo música buena y relajada, brindando una agradable velada a una audiencia agradecida, animándola a catar, improvisando con Crischen y Uwe y compartiendo nuestra diversión y alegría de vivir - 

ese es nuestro nuevo trio:

BAT, el "Baltic Acoustic Trio"




The Continental Drive Part III - Dark Sand


Black sand, lava crushed by the sea, volcanic bedrock full of warmth and sun are the inspiration.

Jazz and lounge for dancing and dreaming, double bass saxophone and electric guitar create themes, sitar and soprano saxophone open the door of time, as a soloist, tenor sax and electric guitar drift through the sand:

Dark Sand, the third part of the "Continental Drive" trilogy.




Danza Turbulenza


A turbulent dance in turbulent times, a piece of joie de vivre against fears, one flute, three saxophones and dancer, who dance happiness and togetherness.




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